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What is tildrakizumab?

Tildrakizumab (brand name: ILUMYA ™) is a prescription medicine used to treat adults with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis and are candidates for systemic therapy.

Tildrakizumab is a a biologic medicine, or “biologic” that belongs to a new class of medicines know as interleukin-23 (IL-23) inhibitors. IL-23 is a protein found in the body which is involved in the normal inflammatory and immune responses. Patients with plaque psoriasis produce increased amounts of this protein, which often leads to such as itching, pain and scaling. Tildrakizumab works by blocking IL-23.

What benefits can you expect from your treatment?

By taking this medication it would be expected that you would experience clearer skin and be able to keep it that way. However, it is important to remember that everybody responds to medications differently and your experience taking this medication will be different to somebody else taking it.

How is tildrakizumab taken?