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Grant guidelines



The following guidelines have been prepared to assist with the submission of applications for the Psoriasis Australia Research Grant. Cover PageThe cover page should be written on letterhead, with the name of the granting body to which the submission is to be made and the name of the applicant.
ApplicationIt is advisable to present information in short, well-spaced paragraphs. A completed submission should not be more than two to five typed pages, although additional attachments may be required.

The application may contain information organised under the following headings:


A summary of the submissions which includes:

  • The purpose of the submission
  • The amount requested
  • The time period i.e. Dates for commencement and expected completion of the proposed project.
  • This may include a brief statement explaining the work of the project.


This section should refer to the significance of the project, highlighting the importance to the community of the anticipated outcomes. This section should briefly explain the project’s aims in non-technical terms.

Methods This section should outline the methods by which the work will be undertaken. This may include information about:

  • Activities to be undertaken
  • Number and qualifications of workers required to undertake the work
  • Time lines for the activities


It is important to be realistic about the total amount required.A detailed budget should include:

  • A clear statement of all anticipated income or supplementary funding received for the application
  • An outline of support and finances to be provided by the applicant
  • The trusts, foundations and granting bodies from which funding is sought
  • A clear statement of total cost broken down

Methods of Evaluation

Discuss the methods of evaluation of the project, outlining the procedures by which progress and outcomes will be measured.

AdvicePsoriasis Australia Research Sub Committee representatives are able to offer advice on the framing of the application submissions and budget guidelines.

If you have any queries relating to the research funding application guidelines, please contact the Psoriasis Australia Committee by email info@psoriasisaustralia.org.au

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