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Why donate?

Psoriasis in Australia is a prevalent disease with debilitating life long effects and early diagnosis and treatment is vital. As General Practitioners are not trained in dermatology, people who suffer with psoriasis are currently at risk of being undiagnosed, or only being diagnosed when co-morbidity factors set in that grossly affect autoimmune function.

Australians with psoriasis are a largely hidden community who are grossly under funded and almost unknown despite the numbers of people who surface with the disease and then suffer for the rest of their entire lives.

With greater awareness and early diagnosis, psoriasis sufferers face a far less grim landscape, one in which the condition is de-stigmatised, where treatment is given earlier and is more effective and where lives are improved and saved from graver autoimmune complications.

Your donation is crucial in fulfilling the essential need to raise awareness within the general and medical community and provide better access to early diagnosis, support and affordable, effective treatments.


Psoriasis Australia is a registered not for profit that has been providing Australia wide support since 1986.

Your support assists us to reach the 2% of our population, currently around 450,000 who sufferer psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis in Australia.

We assist through email, phone and newsletters, providing meet up and education groups and maintain social media platforms to advise, connect and support sufferers and their families.

Raising Awareness

Your donation will greatly assist us to raise awareness by helping us to attend events such as the Midsummer Festival in Melbourne. These huge events reach thousands of people and are an essential avenue to reach the general public by providing literature and advice for those who may have never heard of psoriasis.

We intend to increase our presence at these events as we see the gap in reaching those who may not know about the condition or may be undiagnosed. This also assists those who feel unable to speak to someone about their symptoms to begin to understand how their life can change.


We fund specific Australian research projects into psoriasis. This might be a doctorate or smaller pharmaceutical company wanting to research an area of psoriasis and grants are made available following a rigorous application process.

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Donate Today