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Ken was first diagnosed with Plaque Psoriasis at around the age of 15, some 33 years ago. His maternal grandmother had moderate to severe psoriasis, as Ken spent a great deal of time with her when he was young it was something that he had an awareness of, and had in effect grown up with. Ken’s condition has slowly developed to this day, is considered moderate to severe. He was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in 2004, around a year after moving from Christchurch NZ to the Gold Coast.

Ken has tried various remedies over the years, mostly topical, and including PUVA some 15 years or so ago. He recently started UVB treatment at Gold Coast University Hospital (where he works), and has been on an oral tablet clinical trial for nearly 4 years. This medication has had little effect on Ken’s psoriasis but has improved his arthritis considerably.

Ken hopes to bring fellow Psoriatics together in both the Gold Coast and Southeast Queensland, to share their stories and meet others for mutual support.