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  • Access to our community
  • Assistance with finding research volunteers
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  • Sponsorship of our events
  • Assistance with connection to vital experts
  • All donations are tax deductible

Make a difference to the Psoriasis community

Established in 1986, Psoriasis Australia is a registered not for profit organisation dedicated to the education, funding and assistance of suffers of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis in Australia.

Our mandate is to provide a vital voice to almost half a million Australians who have psoriasis and need the condition elevated to a level of recognition that lessens discrimination and allows access to better treatment.

Just to give you an idea, there are more sufferers of psoriasis than eczema, however that condition is far more widely recognised in Australia.

Australians with psoriasis are a largely hidden community who are grossly under funded and almost unknown despite the numbers of people who surface with the disease and then suffer for the rest of their entire lives.

Your support assists us to widen our reach to 2% of our population, currently around 450,000 sufferers of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis in Australia.

Our sponsors help us to educate and illuminate our membership, the medical and pharmaceutical industries and to raise the profile of Australian psoriasis to a level that is in line with global recognition and treatment.