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Karen Ridsale

Karen Ridsale

Karen Ridsdale is a Practice Manager and Chiropractic Assistant with a Chiropractic Clinic in Melbourne. She has had mild Guttate and Plaque Psoriasis since the age of eight and in 2010 was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis after many years of joint pain and misdiagnosis.

Her only daughter was diagnosed with severe Plaque Psoriasis with approximately 70 -80% of her body covered from the age of two. Finally at the age of twenty seven her daughter was prescribed Biologics which has greatly improved her condition.

Karen is passionate about reducing the diagnosis and treatment challenges faced by psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis sufferers. This has led Karen to join Psoriasis Australia Inc. and she looks forward to making a difference in the hope of breaking down barriers to ensure patients receive optimal treatment as soon as possible.

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